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30 years old
December 18, 1990
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St. Johns, Isle of Man

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Freddy  Always wear your helmet folks!

Oct 24 2019 07:28 PM

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Freddy  Murray this, Murray that... f*ck off Facebook.

Jul 07 2013 04:42 PM

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  1. Photo


    11 Jan 2012 - 19:33
    Does it when I'm on my phone for some reason.
    I forget to delete it.
  2. Photo

    andy jackson 

    19 Sep 2011 - 18:56
    haha fair enough. iv got an aprilia rs 125 race bike and a litlle monkey bike for getting about on haha. racing a propper honda rs 125 gp spec next year though :D
  3. Photo

    andy jackson 

    19 Sep 2011 - 18:33
    is there much dh on the island. i hear theyve opened a trail center havnt they? i was camping in peel, so went on a ride up to the motocross track on the top of the hill there. was also doing a bit of trail riding on a ktm 200. what you riding motorbike wise then?
  4. Photo

    andy jackson 

    19 Sep 2011 - 18:26
    i know haha. its just cause my flatmate just bought a bandwagon and i remembered the thread on pb that we where chatting on a bit then you commented on my status here and just thought id check out your profile and saw the email adress was the same as your pb user name and you lived in the i.o.m. if you ever want to let that spooky go let me know cause im always in the market for a metalhead.
  5. Photo

    andy jackson 

    19 Sep 2011 - 18:12
    awesome. i was over in the isle of man to watch the manx a few weeks back and thought about sending you a message on pb haha. hows things? long time no speak, still ride the spooky?
  6. Photo

    andy jackson 

    18 Sep 2011 - 22:58
    hi are you the same freddy lee on pinkbike with the spooky?
  7. Photo


    13 Mar 2010 - 21:00
    wheres pics of the r125
  8. Photo


    17 Sep 2009 - 13:28
    Only really started trying yesterday, its unbelievably easy once you get the right body position (i watched an MCN video earlier). Still have to do one on my left hand side cos I fell off leaning to the left once, knocked my confidence. The chicken strips on the left are huge and on the right tiny. I advise watch your speed and keep trying to add 1 mph every circulation, and watch the traffic...
  9. Photo


    17 Sep 2009 - 13:24
    Sooo damn good :P I tried yesterday in my jeans but couldn't do it and was worrying, got my leathers and kneesliders on and it was a blast!! Went round a roundabout 40times trying it.
  10. Photo


    08 Sep 2009 - 15:52
    Hardly! being ginger, and being called ginger isnt an insult, its a fact!
  11. Photo


    07 Sep 2009 - 22:31
  12. Photo

    Alasdair Murison 

    25 Aug 2009 - 11:56
    nice bike mate :P
    not really a fan of the pre 2006 shapes, but your's looks mint!
    5x7" plate ftw tho :D
  13. Photo


    03 Aug 2009 - 17:57
    p.s. you love c*ck
  14. Photo


    03 Aug 2009 - 17:57
    Did you get a warn? mine said the word n*gger isnt allowed on the forum LOL fun times
  15. Photo

    Greg RS125 

    05 Jul 2009 - 22:44
    Not really. lol
    Been out most of the day.
    I was banned, wasnt i. haha
    So had 2days worth of posts to catch up on ;)
    Aswell as i came home and was bored for an hour :P
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