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Showcase cover image for 1991 Yamaha Zeal 250


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In march 2011 I became involved in a local Motorcycle Business, now I'm a partner.<br />
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This 250 Yamaha caught my eye at the start of my involvement, with no engine size visible I thought it was a 600. 20 years old, 11,000 miles, not used for 9 years really great shape apart from the stale fuel and all the muck clogging up the carbs.<br />
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It was a major job to properly clean out the residue from the carbs but it was well worth the effort. Unlike the FZR250 this bike is naked and the engine is all on display. It's really smooth and happily revs past it's 15K red line, not that I intend to do that regularly. <br />
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It was just something different that caught my eye I guess.