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Mito Evo
11000 Miles
2005 Mito Evo bought in relatively bad condition but managed to get it in a decent condition. I found that the previous owner was a complete idiot, tampering with parts "botching" everything he came in contact with, the original power valve had been grinded down to stop it seizing which didnt work, after a week of having the bike it appeared the engine had seized. Tried starting it just one loud CLUNK of the starter motor then nothing. Put it in gear and couldnt move the bike at all the rear wheel was solid.... turns out another wonderful idea of the previous owner was to mess around with the starter motor somehow resulting in the cover being put on upside down and drilled holes to make it fit which caused the starter motor to catch on the cover twisting it and locking it against the flywheel. Anyway all has been fixed since then but unfortunately since these photo's i have had an off cracking the left fairing, snapping the left wing mirror bracket and somehow falling on the LEFT side bent the rear brake lever obviously on the right side?!?!?<br /><br />--- Replaced / Repaired Parts ---<br /><br />-Power Valve<br />-Tyres<br />-Chain Guard<br />-Irridium NGK Spark Plug<br />-Left Indicator<br />-SideLight bulb<br />-Hand Grips (previous ones, on this photo look like they belong on a push iron!<br />-Left Wing Mirror Bracket<br />-Starter Motor<br />- Piston, Little end<br />- Front/Back brake pads<br />- Back Brake lever<br />- 14/43 sprocket kit & DID chain<br />- Front wheel bearings<br /><br />--- Required Parts ---<br />Petrol Sensor<br />Kmh to Mph speedo Converter / MPH speedo cover



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