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NameDescriptionCost PriceInstall PriceRatingR&G Crash Bungs?0.00?0.005 / 10D Racing Full System?0.00?0.005 / 10DynoJet Power Commander V?0.00?0.005 / 10Matt Grey Seat Cowl ?0.00?0.005 / 10Xenon HID Headlights ?0.00?0.005 / 10All in one Rear LED Lights ?0.00?0.005 / 10
1986 RG125 with my own custom paint job on it shown here still in progress... inspired by one of my other bikes - his big brother - the RG500! Hope you like it...
derestricted <br />my first bike so its amazing :P <br />had 8 owner&#39;s don&#39;t think they taken care of it<br />but it will be<br />
NameDescriptionCost PriceInstall PriceRatingAdjustable Brake Levers?32.00?0.0010 / 10
Chesterfield Converted RS125, at the moment is being fixed and small bits are being added
Engine rebuilt this year and back on the road after being stood for 4 years. Back on the road for the summer.
excellent condition for year, all panels and plastics in tact, 3MB barrel, 4dl engine, hoping for MOT and registration this month
One of the best Chinese motorcycles i have ridden. Screams at you when you hit 63mph but handles nicely and a nice bike for ride outs.
Lovely little bike...when it runs :)
Here is my mito after undergoing surgery
first model . Special. Full faring and working ypvs .
Mods carbon fibre rear hugger
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My big bad max,a very unique bike tons of power and a frame made of cheese.She gets all twichy when the vee boost kicks......love it<br /><br />Now I am an old bugger so I have had plenty of flexy fliers in my time,the worst were my Kawasaki&#39;s H1 5