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Got her in a pretty bad state, currently bring her back to life, check my website for more details if you wish.
200H, A0410, Boyesen Reed Valve, Arrow 51597SU, TMX35,Vertex Single Ring.<br />
Clean and tidy bike which is excellent fun&#33; one of the best 2 strokes out there, good road holding and quick&#33;<br />I love my Cagiva&#33;:)
it sure does give ya the nods of the bikers
NameDescriptionCost PriceInstall PriceRatingNew Genuine Clutch Kit With EBC SpringsNew and genuine plates and EBC springs?70.00?0.0010 / 10Pads/Brake LinesEBC HH front and rear pads with Blue Hel Kit?80.00?0.008 / 10Screen/BoltsLOTS of anoidzed blue bolts and black 'Airblade' screen.?65.00?0.005...
Ned Head, Lectron Carb, Close Ratio Gearbox, Mychron Dash, Custom Exhaust.
I bought this for 80 quid of a mate a month ago and instantly fell in love with it althiugh its not the pritiest for 80 I cannot complain flew through its mot no addvissorys
NameDescriptionCost PriceInstall PriceRatingKoso Rx2 Digital Dash Koso Rx2 Digital Dash Upgrade?269.00?0.0010 / 10Carbon Wrapped MudguardCarbon Wrapped Mudguard?0.00?0.008 / 10Alloy Exhaust HangerAlloy Exhaust Hanger?21.00?0.009 / 10
Full arrow challenge exhaust<br />Carbon fiber reeds<br />Twin air air filter<br />Iridium spark plug<br />Asso Forged single ring piston<br />Sport pro engine cylinder<br />Sport pro Engine cylinder head<br />Aeroquip brake hoses<br />Performance brake p
first of the foxeyes
First bike, well moped, I had when I was 14. #MopedWanker
Rebuilt from scratch, every nut bolt and bearing replaced, ss valves, JE high comp piston, new barrel, love spending money on this thing&#33;
Monster Energy Yamaha R125<br /><br />Selling In Jan.
Updated - 25-07-2013<br /><br />Completed<br /><br />Alter throttle as it sticks at slight twist.<br />New Gear Lever.<br />Throttle sticking when turning right.<br />New Battery Box<br />New Grips<br />Conclude Decision on weird oil leak<br /><br />To Do
Project planet. Engine out of bike having top end done and casings tidied up, bodywork and seat in process. Will be ducati red and white when finished.
Needs rebuild &#33;&#33;&#33;