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  1. Aprilia RS125
    Hey just bought my self an Aprilia RS 125, I test drove it and when i shifted to 3rd gear the bike began knocking and it stalled and couldnt move the bike th bike started fine again just couldt move. Took the bike home adjusted the clutch then i could move bike again ran through all the gears...
  2. Aprilia RS125
    Hi all, new member to the site, do apologies if this has another thread elsewhere (I couldn’t find one tho). I have a 2006 RS125 that I recently had serviced and had a speed sensor wiring fault repaired, and some new heated grips fitted. When I collected the bike I noticed that the speedo read...
  3. Aprilia RS125
    I have a 2003 Aprilia RS125 that has just had a full rebuild after being off the road for a few years. It starts without choke and idles fine and I let it idle up to 55C before taking off. It takes off fine, but only gets about half a km before the engine dies. The road I'm on has a fair amount...
1-3 of 3 Results