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  1. Honda CBR125
    I have a 05' cbr 125, and i recently had a crash and the forks ended up bent. I have found some forks for sale, but they are off of a 11' cbr. Was wondering if they will fit because as i see, everything mechanical is the same between the three generations. Any info helps!
  2. Honda CBR125
    Bought an 08 125R CBR Gas key doesn’t work and it will not come out with a screwdriver. I will have to replace the lock cylinder afterwards. But need my gas cap open. suggestions or experiences wanted
  3. Honda CBR125
    I had to take my bike apart to fix a few issues but I'm now struggling to remember what pipes go where in regards to reinstalling the fuel tank. Its an 06 plate Honda CBR125R. Ive had a look for manuals and diagrams but they all seem to be different to what I have. I know where the fuse...
  4. Honda CBR125
    Can anyone help I changed the clocks on a 2007 Cbr 125 everything works rev counter Speedo fuel gauge and temp but the lights for them don’t come on only the neutral light and turn lights and high beam light on the dash ? Anyone know why? Or can help me
  5. Honda CBR125
    Got a 2011 Cbr125r Seems to be cutting out at low revs and have to use some throttle to get the bike to tick over to idle. Have good battery new stator Any help appreciated.
1-5 of 5 Results