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  1. Suzuki RG125
    Hi all, Does anyone know the oil capacity/level for the forks on the wolf model? i've got the manual for the FUN variant but it has USD forks rather than the conventional forks, alas no use. I'm new here so if i'm in the wrong section i'm sorry ;-) Thanks, Andrew
  2. Suzuki RG125
    Hi All, I am currently doing up my RG125 I rescued what was left of it for £200 years ago and ive decided to turn it into a cafe racer, its coming on well. I have just come to look at the brakes, and noticed that not only was the front caliper not standard, it had been wearing through the...
  3. Suzuki RG125
    Hello, I've recently bought a Rg125F from about 1993 or 1994. I have a few problems and questions and i believe this is the place to ask. 1. So i wanted to change the handle bar endingd however when i tried to screw out the one on the left side, the screw just kept spinning which means the thing...
1-3 of 3 Results