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1994 jc22 malossi 180 kit jetting

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Hello everyone, I have bought an 1994 nsr 125(top end gone) with arrow pipe, carbon reeds, up jetted to 138, 42, 65(phbh28fd) needle(x8) 2nd notch, no original air box(cone foam filter) no forced induction (removed pipes front fairing) bike is naked style, pv unit upgraded to tv-78, air fuel mixture screw set on 2,5 turns out.
As I’ve mentioned before top end was gone so I ordered a 180 malossi kit and installed it, what jets should I use CONSIDERING INCREASED ENGINE CAPACITY as malossi sent me 125 main jet and 65 idle/slow jet which don’t really make sense to me as RECOMMENDED jetting for 125cc foxeye is 138,42,65.
Any help will be appreciated
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As you use the stock carb it’s normal that the jets need to be smaller, the cylinder capacity is larger and will drag more air through the carb so it's sucking more fuel.
The included jets are for a stock exhaust but you have an arrow exhaust installed and because of that you need to go a 10% larger on the jets.
In this case I would leave the current jets inside and testride it, best is doing a plug chop to be sure if it’s all good.
Just not sure that the 65 is an idle/slow jet, if it is then you best change that one.
i think 145 , 45 , 70 will be good but think about bigger jets=more fuel consumption
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