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Aprilia RS 125 electrical / power problem on gear

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My 2008 RS 125 wasn't idling all that well even with idle skrew fully in so i removed took apart and cleaned my carburator after i re assembled and re installed it. The bike would idle just fine after that but then suddenly it just shut down didn't even sound like it stalled and it went back to the problem of not idling well and wanting to stall with idle skrew fully in. When i went for a ride it would let me rew in neutral but not in any gear at first it gives me power in all throttle positions but after like 20 meters it only gave power on the very top position or when its mostly using the pilot and after like 10 meters more it really didn't give power in any position and just wanted to stall and stutter i had constanty pull the clutch back and use those revs or use the choke to go forvard i also noticed that the bike automatically some times trigger the mode button and it would go from battery voltage to lap timer or some of the other modes also pulling the clutch up seemed to trigger the mode button some times but that could have just been a coincidence but the neutral light started to work again. Any tips on how i should start to solve this absolute mess
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