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...kye is also a dumb sh*t...I bet all they make him do is make them tea..he jus tells every1 he is a mechanic.
You stupid f**king noob
and you are the dumb sh*t mofo

For the record Kye has been here a long time, is very helpful to the forum and is a mechanic.

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Can some one help me. i have just got a derbi gpr 125 how do i know what bhp is it on coz you can have it on 12 or 22 bhp and how you change it?
Check the fuse in the little black box under the seat, I think if its a 5amp its restricted to 12hp but if you change it to a 7.5amp it de restricts it straight away to 22hp. ( Im not too knowledable in this field, so maybe see what others say).



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No; you're anal plug

B10ES you need
I picked up a handful of these at the bike shop yesterday. Do you recommend changing the plug gap any, or keep it standard? I'm derestricted and running an Arrow pipe.
D Dave
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