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Hi guys I am new to the forum and bikes in general having only passed my Cbt last Sunday.
I am now after my first bike and have found a gorgeous 2001 Aprilla Rs 125 full restored it’s got that old skool look that I like .
Trouble is i also like the look of the Nsr which look pretty classy as well , plus there’s a nice low mileage Yzf that also takes my fancy along with the Yamaha Dt which is on the other end of the scale .
I am more drawn to the RS but it’s a lot of money as it’s had a full restore.
Which is the best bike out of them all is the Rs a good choice ?
Also why is there no fuel gauge on the RS is this a problem .
What’s the riding position like on these I will on be using for pleasure only.
Not sure if it’s still restricted.
Is there any questions I should be asking the owner ?
Thanks in advance 👍
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