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was just looking for the gear ratios for the VFR and found this. thought it mat be of intrest to some people. the articles about the RVF:

VFR400 to RVF400 changes


The carburettors were changed, the RVF's carbs featuring a flat slide and smaller diameter (30mm against the NC30's 32mm) but claimed to be better flow, the velocity stacks were also changed to allow a straighter flow.

The valve timing was changed with the exhaust valves opening earlier and closing later, the inlet valve was changed from 20mm to 19mm.

The engine position was changed with large cast sections of the frame now holding the engine lower down (these lower engine mounting points were unused on the VFR).

Frame and Suspension

While the front cartridge forks were changed from RWU to USD forks, they remained the same diameter (41mm) and make (Showa).

The frame was totally redesigned, with engine mounting and steering geometry changes.

The swingarm while looking identical at first glance is narrower (192mm against 202mm) and runs on a smaller diameter spindle (17mm against 22mm) with the rear hub and brake mounting points changed.

Wheels Brakes and Tyres

The rear wheel was changed from 18" to 17".

The front brakes remained as 4 opposed piston calipers but the trailing pistons were increased in diameter from 25.4mm to 27mm (the leading pistons remained at 30mm).

The Honda RC30 was fitted with a 'Pro Squat Rear Brake Linkage' that linked the rear caliper to the frame via a linkage through the swingarm (reducing rear wheel hop under braking), the NC30 had the swingarm machined to allow a torque arm shaft and featured the cast boss on the frame but the linkage wasn't fitted (probably for cost reasons) and the caliper was instead held in place with a simple torque reaction arm bolted into the swingarm (it is possible to modify the NC30 to fit the 'Pro Squat Rear Brake Linkage'). The RVF400 has lost all of this, the rear caliper is now held in place by a boss on the swingarm, it is not possible to easily modify the RVF400 to full 'Pro Squat Rear Brake Linkage' as the swingarm would require unmachining).

It is possible on the VFR400 to change the rear brake disk without removing the rear hub, it is impossible to do this on the RVF400 as the mounting plate is larger and the entire hub requires removal.


The exhaust has a number of changes, the main change is that the silencer and collector are now separate and the silencer is held to the frame by one mounting point rather than two.

The silencer is now aluminium and held by 3 bolts to the collector.

Dimensions and weights

The dry weight went up from 175kg (385.8 lb.) to 183kg (403.5 lb.), overall width dropped from 705mm (27.8 in.) to 685mm (27.0 in.), overall height changed 1.075m (42.3in.) to 1.065m (41.9in.), wheelbase dropped 10mm from 1.345m (53.0 in.) to 1.335m (52.6 in.)


The VFR400 is wildly acknowleged to be a very good handling motorbike, the RVF400 is more of the same, the main difference being that while the VFR400 likes one line, on the RVF400 it is not a problem to change lines mid corner.

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The fork diameter on the rvf is 50mm not 41mm
nah ant yours are 50mm cause there bent mate

interesting to know that though xxxrated, nice find

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