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so got my hands on a some gold dust

i.e a euro 2 2006 loom and digital dash

started fitting it to the 99 rs i have, a few people said it couldnt be done

main issues ive had are :

speedo sensor ; the digital one runs off pulses from magnets off the 06 wheel i have got round that with a mechanical to digital adapter

front lights ; the plugs for the lights on the 06 loom dont match the lights on the 99 rs turned out to be a simple swap, just swapped the plug on the 06 loom with the plug on the old 99 loom that matches the 99 headlight (4pin)

rear lights ; i am yet to tackle guessing its same as above tho as different plugs

digital dash mount ; i will have to fab an aluminium panel up to mount the clocks off the 99 sub frame

other than the above the conversion has gone quite well

video of clocks powering up and fireing (no petrol tank on so didnt run but turned over with spark)

video of front lights working (ignore the flash its the ballast of the xenon conversion it stops when bike is running)

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