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Electrical help needed

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Hello, so my cbr died mid-ride, found out that negative wire from the the place where you put the key in and turn ignition in/off got torn off. Had no tools or time to fix it, so i had to take the positive off aswell and connect the wires straight together to get the bike back running. Bike ran well, got home and disconected them. Today im trying to fix it and apparently didn't think to disconent the battery before doing so, so whilst i was pulling the exposed wires out they got contact with the frame and sparked a bit. The ignition is totally gone, no signs of life when turning the ignition on. All the fuses inside fuse box underneath drivers seat are fine. Any ideas where to look for cooked fuses or anything else? The connector from that ignition thingy looks good, soldered back the wires and connection works as it should. Checked, batterys good aswell.
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Doubt it would have damaged anything.
check for more fuses, think one the starter solenoid would be the main, follow the battery positive wire to find the solenoid.

If not then try bridging the wires on the back of ignition again or test the wires for continuity through the ignition when switched on.

It's always best to disconnect the battery when working on electrics to avoid issues like this
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