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Used Car Insurance is becoming more and more popular as more people look to own their vehicles. Considering how many people have recently struggled with money, purchasing a used car offers a significantly better deal with little sacrifice to utility or status.

Each and every car buyer is fully aware of a few essential steps to take when buying used cars. Transferring ownership is one among them, as is carefully evaluating the car before buying. However, one procedure that is frequently overlooked is the transfer of auto insurance from the previous owner to the current owner.

Why Is Auto Insurance Required?

You need to have a current and your vehicle in order to drive it legally. Driving without auto insurance exposes you to harsh fines and penalties.

The Car will also provide financial security for you and your car in the event of an accident. This includes being exempt from financial liability for paying for damage repairs and supplemental expenses caused by the accident.

Why Is Changing My Auto Insurance Required?

It should go without saying that the previous owner's active, current auto insurance must be transferred given the importance of having coverage. By transferring the policy to yourself, you can avoid having to pay more to get new auto insurance for your car.

You must submit an application to transfer the insurance from the previous owner within 14 days of purchasing a used car. The car will be covered by third-party liability insurance for the entire 14-day period.

What Takes Place If Auto Insurance Isn't Transferred?

Even though you are the car's legitimate owner, only the policyholder is protected by the insurance. This implies that in the event of an accident, you will be completely responsible for paying for any related damages. The insurance company will reject any claims you file without having your name altered.

How Does Transferring Auto Insurance Work?

Within 14 days of purchasing used auto insurance, you must be sure to submit a transfer of auto insurance application. Here is a description of the procedures for switching auto insurance.

application submitted by the relevant insurance provider
Application for a transfer of ownership of a car using Form 30
Form 29: No-Objection Certificate of Notice of Transfer of Ownership of a Car from the Holder of an Existing Car
Any additional documentation, such as the vehicle's registration certificate or an RTO receipt, is required by the specific insurer.
If necessary, the insurer may ask for a Pollution under Control certificate or a No Claim recovery.
Few insurers had the option of physically visiting their closest branch.

As a result,

The No Claims Bonus that the former owner of the Car Insurance policy has accrued will not be given to you. You can ask to have any No Claims Bonuses you have from earlier vehicle insurance policies moved to your current policy, though, as No Claims Bonuses are paid to the policyholder.
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