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Italkit 140 posted or 125 cylinder ported reliability

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I just want to if anyone has experience with any of these cylinder kits and what's best set for weekend on the rs125 i got all the of the range parts you can buy but what's go best with 140 or 125 thanks lads now what you lot using.
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The new italkit cylinder has very strange porting almost looks restrictive

the Mitaka 140 has the oem porting and coupled with the head available from pjme to reduce squish to 0.9 and a decent piston and rings it is most definitely the kit I would choose

although I do own a stroked polini engine as well馃ぃ馃憤
with single ring i managed up to 4000km until it seized. from the looks of it the coating on the piston will last up to 10k,km probably.
iirc italkit provide paper with their recommendation service limit.
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