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jc22 stalls when leaned left

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hey lads and lady's.

I've been having a problem since I built my nsr125.

It would ride well but sometimes feel like it's starving of fuel. where I would have to coast to the side of the road and get it restarted.

also I could drive 30 miles fine then park it for 5 or 10 mins and it would bog and cut out almost every time after being parked.

today I think I'm a step closer to solving it. hopefully someone can fill in the blanks.

I was sitting on it ticking over nicely and leaned to over left so side stand side and almost immediately revs dropped and stalled.
it does this every time.
then went for a ride and noticed after long left bends it's bogging down to the point I may have to pull in.

could it be starving or flooding itself when turned left?

Cheers all.

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look at the tank tap . very often the filter is blocking petrol . undo the carb , control the water in it's tank (bad petrol do that) , check the fuel valve and the fuel in the carb's tank . take the choke off ,under the piston look if the kind of rubber (round) is ok otherwise order the choke system at eurocarbs.co.uk and any other part . carb is 28PHBH/FS . now look the sparks of the plug . lift the tank and let it on the stand . undo the plug , put it on the cap and let it lying on the cylinder head . key on and press start button while watching . if you've got blue sparks it's perfect , otherwise you may have a worn stator . also check contacts everywhere with the black/yellow wire . it come from the CDI then goes to the coil and to the tachometer . very often if you see your tacho unstable it's loose contact . good luck
Good advice there from asaniard.
while your in the carb check the float height and float valve too. also try turning the petrol tap off when parking and see if that helps, if the float valve is leaking your carb may be flooding itself when not in use
I'm definitely thinking float issue. but I have replaced the carb and had it out a number of times for jetting and cleaning. looks like il have to take it out again because its almost un rideable. every outing it does this. I've been turning the tap off when parked but it still does it. it starts straight away but bogs and dies after 20 seconds . take some choke to nurse it back alive
It does sound carb related to me. maybe try letting the float bowl fill up then riding with the fuel turned off and just turn it on in short bursts, might give you some idea if it's float related
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When checking the float valve make sure the carb is on the right angle for that model and check that, with the float tang resting on the valve (closed position), you should still be able to push the float down 1-2mm further on the pin before the float fully bottoms out, the pin is spring loaded to allow for vibration

If choke brings it back to life then it sounds more like fuel starvation though.
Asaniard also made a good point to check the fuel filter in the carb if you haven't already and also might help to drain the fuel tank and clean it and the tap itself while your doing the carb

Good luck, hope you get it sorted soon
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