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jc22 tuning

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hey fellas,
im restoring a nsr125r and want to give it a bit of extra go.

does anyone have a link of anywhere to get the Polini 153/160 cylinder kit.

I read on another thread the nsr150 tyga pipe can be used with a bit of work to the mounting points . is this correct?

any other tips.
I want to driveable just a bit more go so it doesn't feel dead after owning a tzr250 for my last bike 馃槄

Cheers lads
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As far as I looked I never came across a polini cylinder kit, best chance you have is to look for a malossi 180cc cylinder kit.
You can find it on following link although they wrote 190cc it鈥檚 a 180cc
the best is to re-bore with a fresh nikasil and new piston & rings . you've got in UK plenty compagnies who do that for a cheaper price of malossi or else . it can be re-bore 0.50 or 1.0 and i suggest to fit that with a forged piston as Wo毛ssner (piston kit ~拢100)
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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