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I have a 2006 Mito and the fuel level sensor is leaking. I am looking at the options I have, as I tried really hard to find a new one with no success. I have looked everywhere and as I was told, there is no stock of that particular part. Of course I have tried to replace the fiber washer with a neo OEM, but the leak starts where the wires are potted, at the bottom of the sensor.

1. Are you aware of a place that sells a new sensor? Part # 800077905.
2. Is there a way to depot the potting material without damaging the sensor? If yes, how? And what is the suitable potting material to re-seal the sensor, which can withstand constant contact with fuel?
3. Do you think that I can fit a sensor from a Ducati Monster? The closest part that I have found is 59210132A but it will need some machining and modification. Will the resistance be similar for it to work without any other electrical modification?

Thank you.
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