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Mito Rear Shock

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I had noticed on the last few rides that the Ev1 wasn't feeling quite right & on investigation, the rear shock is now rather springy & appears to be leaking


Look for new shock...damn expensive
Look for second hand Mito shock & hope its good
Look for alternative Shock (RGV 250?, I do have a 3MA spare, but not measured it up.
Get my shock refurbed...but where & how much

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Lol yes, but what I was meaning was, if I was gonna go balls out and upgrade all the suspension, surely it'd be worth cutting weight where I could too.. But I'm unsure just yet.
any idea how to lowered the rear end .. what shock is shorter diameter? asking for my friend who only 155+-cm something huhu he is really struggle with mito height
21 - 22 of 22 Posts