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as some may know from my other thread i was on a hunt for a bike for 2k or less, couple months time i will be buying sumit new, possibly a new ducati or sumit anyways picked up this today

gsxr 600
1999 T plate
1 owner from new
newish tyres
new chain
spocket also looks newish but he didnt mention it!
new battery
Really clean condition and looked after

apart from that the bike is standard, road it back abit tired but happy with it

oh and nearly binned it as an old biddy pulled out in front of me


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nice bike mate, im considering selling my NC30 and buying another one.
u say that about every bike you have ever owned as soon as you see a pic of it.

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2 weeks to go, i tried getting my decals off today, f**king hard as f*ck
Yeh i found that with one of the 'safety' stickers on the tank...used a hairdryer and me finernail and they came off easy as, then some wd40 to get all the sticky shizz off. Im going for an all black stealth scheme now, cba doing rizla, to complicated to fix if i stack.
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