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Newbie and Advice Needed!!!

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Hey Im new! - Just been looking round and discovered yourselves! My Battery has gone and died, and I need a new one but im begrudging paying ?50 to get one from local Honda dealers.

Ive heard that they are a unique size and I would have to buy this new anyway, but now I've also been told that there not and I could pick one up cheaper off net!

Im not going a brakers either, - rather get a new one.

Please help guys! - any recommendations?? Thanks x
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Firstly welcome to the Forum...

Treid local training centers, bike shops or MOT stations...

Not sure how much difference there is between the CBR and NSR battery but I've just payed 14 quid for a new one from the place that does my MOTs, no way would I pay fifty quid for one...
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Welcome to the forum!

Regards to the battery, try this: write down the letter combination on the front of the battery and then go to local shops and some breakers

i got a battery from a breaker (brand new) for ?20 and it was for a 400cc bike...never now it might be your lucky day
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you can find them on eBay for ?20, and i found a shop online doing them for ?25 when i got my bike. that was a while ago though and i can't remember the site

i went to a place last week to get my tyre repaired (nail) and i was told it wasnt repairable and they wanted ?100 to replace the tyre and fit it. complete BS, so i ordered the tyre with them (cost them ?50) and then took it someone else to have it repaired. so i wouldn't take the word of people asking ?50 for a battery. ?25 max, and it should take no longer than 3 minutes to fit

PS. welcome
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