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I'm not sure if I mentioned this before.
The bike's happy to run all day
. Well, it was.
Now the bike runs okay, below say, 7,000. If I take it above that, it starts cutting out, and if you don't lower the revs, the electrics just die completely and the bike stops running. Sometimes, the electrics cut out totally - no lights at all. After a few mins, they'll come back on, but it's still another couple of minutes before I can get the bike running - it'll turn over, it just won't catch. If I pull away, it's like I have to warm the engine up before pulling away. IfI ppull away too fast,it'll stall again andI have to wait just as long to get it going again.

Not a clue what's wrong with it.
I've got the RS so I'm not without a bike, but I want to sell this one - I need the cash
had a similar problem take your airbox out and the tray that holds the rc unit,as you sit on the bike to tour left is the wiring loom with two things sticking out of it ,like little squares ,cut the tape of the loom ,untill you reach all the wires loads of them ,look for a red wire ,there should be 2 red wires connecting to a single red wire check it to make sure there connected ,i lost all ingition lights and it would,nt start at all nothing there found out that the 2 red wires had broken off the single red wire soldered back on hey presto spot on hope this helps
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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