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Hi all,
I have a 20 year old Nsr125 owned it since new, I had the bike in Madeira up until this summer altough I did not ride it often around 250 miles a year it has never had any issues, and would top 160kph and would maintain top speeds without issues.
This summer I took the bike to main land Portugal and Honda done a full service on the bike, s bike after riding for about 40 miles will become extremely noisy from the front end, either engine head or radiator if running above 7000rpm, no overheating issues and 3rd gear seem to be noisier, if I however run it below that rpm the noise subsides or disappears, the most I have managed out of it since is 140kph.
I have taken the bike back to honda and the head engineer told me that because the bike as only 5000 miles it now needs re running again due to build up of carbon in the rings, they have also changed the mixture oil from the castrol racing to own honda brand, and Madeira clima temperatures are about 20 degress and in main land 40 degrees.
Any ideias? I really do not want to open the head unless I need to.

Thanks all
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