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Hi all, I have a custom scooter with what I thought was a cagiva MiTo engine in it. Turns out it's a 93 cagiva blues engine which I think is same bottom end but has no power valve and had a twin non expansion exhaust. I put it in the scooter and butchered a MiTo exhaust to fit. It ran really well and I put a few thousand miles on it.

Later this year we are planning a European trip and I fancied a bit more grunt, I bought a well scored polini barrel on eBay and a machined head from another seller. Bought a new piston and gasket set. I had the cylinder replated and sent the new piston with it so it was sized correctly. I put it all on the scooter following as much info as I could find on this site (very helpful btw) and thought I'd share my experiences with it so far. I had to blank off the power valve as I can't fit it in so it is in affect open all the time and there are obviously flow issues from not having PV blade in place. I have found no extra vibrations, ive got smooth power throughout the rev range with a small extra burst when I get in the power band and the bike is much better to ride on the road. I had the bike Dyno tested before putting on the polini and I was 19.5 bhp at rear wheel. I will update when I re test. Any way just wanted to say a big thanks to all who posted on the polini kit, I would have properly cocked up with out all that knowledge. Cheers 😁
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