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The story is, my RGV250 dropped a valve 10 days ago, then by F*** me my rg125 fun done the same f***** thing, Luckily i had stripped mine and ordered some DC Valves (credit card got well hit) barreles still away gettin replated.

So stripped FUN, Pot totally F*****, so thought (RGV 250 thinkin) a pot will fit if water pipe blocked off,
Good lads on RGV site, very helpful,

So here goes,

1 x rgv 250 pot ( scrappies & must say sh*t hot condition) ?50 with PVS in BONUS, Pine Dowel from B&Q ?4.95 (6 foot long, you need 1.5"
) 3/8th Brass blankoff B&Q 89p & 1 x split pin.

Shave a little off dowel, just to get it to enter hole, tap in gently with big F***** Hammer, makin sure not to far so as to restrict water flow, cut level with end of pot pipe, you then need to get out the DREMMEL & cut grooves around pipe flange (the raised bit that keeps the normal water pipe on) or if your lucky and have a diye big enough just tap a thread.

Tap & screw blankoff nut on with the F***** Big hammer again, once on (tight fit) drill hole through nut & pipe then pop in split pin (just for luck) JOB DONE, looks F***** good
& because the wood swells when in contact with the coolant it wont leak.

Now for the pain in the A*** bit, because the PV configuration is smaller than the RGV250 you have to cut off the lug that locates the 250 back plate, then mark off the 125 setup to fit the pot, insert 2 threaded dowels (susuki MD 80p each) into locating holes, then very carefully DRILL out, once done pop it on, job done (as per photo)

this delicate operation took 4 hours
then the rest is stick it back on the bike and away u go.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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