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Lost my keys, so needed to change the ignition lock. So it stood still for like a month.
And when I finally got the ignition lock changed it started first, had it in netrual, but after like 7-10 seconds it shut off, and didnt want to start again. Lifted up side-stand took in the clutch did not start.
Charged the battery, it then started after some tries, but shut off again when I let out the clutch, in netrual. Then checked the spark plug, it was wet and smelled like gas, so it gets fuel. Then went to grond the spark plug to see if it had any spark, it did not. Have now changed sparkplug still no spark.
Anyone who maybe know what the issue can be?? Not realy good at motorcycles and stuff like that. Don't want to take it to a mechanic, bc thats way to expensive.
It was just fine before I did all this.
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