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Hi all, new member to the site, do apologies if this has another thread elsewhere (I couldn’t find one tho).
I have a 2006 RS125 that I recently had serviced and had a speed sensor wiring fault repaired, and some new heated grips fitted. When I collected the bike I noticed that the speedo read 90k+ miles, but when it went in it only had 16k miles on the clock. There is also now a flashing spanner on the clock.
I questioned the shop about it and they said they had no idea why it’s done it, or how to resolve it.
Obviously this has a huge effect on the value of the bike if it looks like it’s done 90k miles, but I’m really struggling to find anywhere in the UK that is even remotely interested in trying to help me get it fixed.
Can anyone here offer any advise or help to get this sorted? There are some running and clutch adjustments that need doing, but nothing that should affect the mileage or speedo. Thanks in advance for any help.
Cheers, Gavin
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