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Suzuki RG125 Gamma - Cafe Racer Project - Front Brake Help

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Hi All,

I am currently doing up my RG125 I rescued what was left of it for £200 years ago and ive decided to turn it into a cafe racer, its coming on well.

I have just come to look at the brakes, and noticed that not only was the front caliper not standard, it had been wearing through the inner part of the disc.

The disc is a 3 Bolt mounting type, but i understand there is some upgrade or something you can do as they were apparently quite bad brakes from the factory.

I am after a Brake Disc and Caliper that will fit.

EDIT Ive just been on CMSNL and the standard forks have top nuts with a Hex bolt head on, these are a Cap head screw in.... So these forks aren't standard either possibly
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, It did have aweful situp and beg bars on when i got it, i know the top Yoke isnt standard, but ive made a bolt on the CNC for that which will work nicely, the standard top Yoke is flimsy and requires the handlebars to be on top to act as a top clamp for the forks.

Any help would be greatly appreciated, Thanks :)
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