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what is your top speed on tacho and on flat surface ?

we need to compare all the settings :
the final ratio (for example 14x41)
the cylinder number (for example a0401)
the cylinderhead (for example 200 h)
the piston (1 ring or 2 rings flat or dome wiseco)
the carb u used (35 or 28 or others)
the gearbox (6 or 7 speeds)
your own weight

i start : 172 km/h tacho

200 dome mito 1 black cylinderhead
60433 cylinder of mito 1 (1990)
1 ring piston vertex flat instead of the classical 2 rings dome piston
14 x43 and 7 speed gearbox of mito 1
28 rd carb
my weight was 90 kg

let's go guies....and do not joke with the speed ....

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and your weight ?
stock exhaust pipe ?
and rpm ?

from what i say 72625 is a good cylinder but i don't know what was the cylinderhead used with it ....
i suppose a flat one was used but the 200 h is habitually used with 73037 cylinder ....

so maybe there will be a squish clearance problem....i think that everytime cagiva used 0.5mm gasket (the middle one in the set) on a stock engine....however if there is enough cleareance ...you can do the test...

i think that on your bike there is a lot of chance that 14x41 should be the good final ratio....

then, theorically i will do 14x41+200h and 0.5 mm gasket and if it works less you put back your dome cylinderhead....

for the carb settings, i don't know the 34 dellorto but if you will use 35 mikuni....310 is a good start point (derestricted setting).....

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I will update with info tomorrow.

Stock pipe is being used.

dellorto 34mm works good. more mid range, and more pull at 10k, doesn't effect top end much as i've noticed.

I also heard 72625 is a good cylinder, my supercity is running;

73037 cylinder
200h flat head
asso werke single ring flat top piston
34mm carb
full gianelli system
ratio 13:41

oh boy i cant wait to get her on the road


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why not ? if he has a good setup and if he has a small weight....

13x42 is the derestricted setting on a supercity gearbox....

for me, i think more and more that gianelli=arrow=a206 jolly=derestricted mito pipe.....
and crc sp pipe = a207 jolly

and again and again like what i said 1ring piston gives more top end speed and can be used on dome cylinderhead.....then if i had to replace my piston, i think people need to use a 1 ring piston flat.....you only need to replace more the ring....

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190 km/h ....some people said that with 73037 +200h+1 ring piston+35 mikuni (310 jet) and 14x41 but i can't check that....

in france a mito sp owner told me he did 190 tacho but with a true sp.....

i don't really know about 2002, but i suppose that stock it can't do less than 160 tacho....

in a 2002, i don't know....let's what the others say.....

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mine does 105mph ish on a completely flat road

a0401 barrel, 200c head, 28mm carb 14/41 gearing.

edit: its a completely stock derestricted 2004 evo 2.

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Col - that 200G head has been reprofiled... MAY outperform 200H - don't know what it was reprofiled too tbh, but the guy who did it knew what he was doing. Pin the throttle harder and ignore redline from 4th upwards... take it right up the rev guage (it'll actually rev round the clock if you try hard enough - but don't recommend it)... should see 110mph indicated on the guage in 7th...

If you can get squish down a l'il bit more (s'at 1.4 at the mo iirc) then it should pick up a bit quicker...

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Hey maltoch, long time ago now:)

Anyway mine setup as you already might know was:

Cylinder: 73037
Head: 200h
Piston: wiseco, 1 ring flat
Pipe: jolly a206 stradale
Squish: 0,5mm
Carb: mikuni tmx35mm with 310# mainjet
Airbox: standard setup
Gearbox: 6-speed
Final ratio: 14/39
Weight: 65 kg.

Top speed: 180 km/h taco at 11.500 rpms.

Mine bike was sold last spring:( maby I`ll bye a new one later:)

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1994 mito evo
115-120 top speed
16/41 gearing
twin ring domed pistons
pod filters(fabricating airbox soon)
gibson pipes with carbon cans
6mm reed spacers
pwk 28mm carbs
stock porting
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