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I picked up an unfinished project yesterday which I will be breaking for parts for myself and for sale of the others. I know the history of this bike and have known both of it's previous owners. The project had began at good speed with the correct approach renewal of parts and reconditioning of others. It is always sad to see a project unfinished, but it will be a great help to finishing my own.

I will be keeping the engine, cooling system, carbs and air box as spares for myself (as I know it is a sorted engine with the carbs set up to suit), however I will be breaking and selling the vast majority of the rest of the bike. It also came with almost another bike as spares too, which Includes some tasty items including a polished swing arm, polished pillion rearsets (no good to me with a mito rear end), Rick Oliver light weight bars, late spec forks and rear shock. Full set of standard uk spec indicators, a standard frame and a black powdercoated frame. There is also an Rvf tank and a good straight front wheel, discs front and rea and loads of other bits. If anyone needs anything just let me know.

The other parts I have salvaged for myself include some polished parts (magpie I know), brand new genuine honda gaskets/swingarm bearings, RO quick release fasteners, m max box (still in the box), And a few other bits and pieces. The engine, the refurbed parts and the frame were the big draws. Anyway I'm pleased with the purchase.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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