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hi all,
hopefully this is in right sub section.
I used to use this site often but it went dead but I still popped in to check stuff.
site looks like it's been updated & I'm hoping all the resources/guides etc are still available.
anyway, any of the older members still active?
anyone remember me? 🤔
I'll have a look around & see if it's any good, as it was fairly decent years ago, could always learn something new from other ocd bike guys (like me, who need to know EVERYTHING about particular models)


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Hi Gaz,

A lot of the info is still here... dead links & photobucket issues did ruin a lot of threads, but that's life.

By old members how far back are we talking? Most moved on a long time ago it seems.

I'm still here though & thankfully I dont have to delete endless spam & spammers as the new forum seems to have sorted all of that finally. 😁

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