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Heh - lost his domain name... now hosted under new domain name...

http://www.repairmanualclub.com - formerly registereds will have to reregister. Max 2 downloads within any 24hr period. After that period, counter reset and u can down another two... unless you donate / upload missings... then you get higher acc status and can download more within the timeframe.

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Found my original post that was deleted.

May 14 2005

I�ve noticed that there are plenty of people who don�t know much about the internal workings of two strokes and internal combustion engines in general. The aim of this post is to list sites and download links that cover technical information about engines.

Some of it is rather high brow stuff, such as Jenning�s �two stroke tuner�s handbook� and I wouldn�t expect 99% of people (including myself) to understand it or utilise the vast wealth of information inside it. However, it does cover topics such as why components are made in a specific way and what forces limit the operation of engines.

Understanding the design and construction of your bike will help you diagnose problems and aid you maintenance. I�m not expecting that this reading material will turn you into master engineers as: a) some people just don�t �get� engineering stuff, b) there�s no substitute for hands on experience. However, time spent reading this stuff won�t be wasted. Although some information might be old or contradicting, I doubt any will be 100% wrong. Be careful where you source information from, as some is blatantly wrong.

Start with the workshop manuals for the building blocks in terms of tolerances and assembly methodology and supplement it with respectable and prominent books such as John Robinson�s & Graham Bell�s books. Other material will complete the fuller picture, but is worthless without the basic foundations.

I�m no expert, I�ve just had two strokes for 6 years and never paid people to work on them as I have a lack of trust for most people within the MC trade.

Starting with the basics.

How does a two stroke engine work? How stuff works.com Karting page

Expansion chamber? Animated gif

Books. Well worth buying if you're considering any engine work.

Graham Bell
John Robinson

I find Robinson's book easier to read than Bell's as it's less in depth and more up to date. If you're only buying one, get Robinsons. However, Bell's is more respected.

If you're too cheap to buy books, download THIS copy of Gordon Jenning's �two stroke tuner�s handbook�. Although very technical and old, its a good read.

Websites with general stroker information

MacDizzy - A wealth of information. Mainly USA quad bike orientated, but a good read with a fast server and plenty of illustrations. Highlights of the site include:

Cylinder Mapping
Basic Porting

Poke around the site, understand the illustrations and join the forum if that sort of thing floats your boat.

Eric Gorr's two stroke page

A wealth of links on this page, including: Top end rebuilding, piston guides, bottom end rebuilding, cranks, tuning, carbs, tips & tricks.


Higher Compression
Race prep.
Topend rebuilds.
Cylinder Plating - Hosted on my uni server.. So might not be here for long *edit - lost my ability to host - If you can help, let me know*
Gordon Jenning's �two stroke tuner�s handbook�
Maltoch June 1 200

and if you search the ws manual variante for 20 euros each one
mk1 racing
mk2 racing
ev 7 speed
ev7 speed racing
ev6 speed
ev6 speed racing

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Link to thread with simplified wiring diagrams....


Maybe that'll stop people asking all the time!
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