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Zx600 4to1 exhaust mod jetting

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Just recently got myself a 1997 zx600 (aka zzr600) after my cbr was wrote off last year.
I'm really not a fan of the twin exhausts on zx6 and I'm wanting to mod it to a single silencer, mainly as to me it just looks ugly and dopey..

from what I can figure it's not really a 4to2 systsm on the zx as it has the 4 manifold pipes coming from the cylinders, which go straight to a single collector, then come out of the collector as twins to a silencer on each side of the bike.

My question if anyone can help is, as it goes through a single collector before leading out as twin, if I cut the twins off at the collector and weld in a single 50mm pipe, would I need to make any changes to jetting afterwards?

It looks to me like the twin setup is just for looks as it goes from 4to1, then to 2, so by removing one of the twin pipes after the collector it shouldn't make any difference right?

I will also be changing the silencer to something a little more throaty and free flowing at the same time, fancy the delkevic trioval 320mm so not sure if that would make a difference combined.

I've searched internet and forums but not really found much info so I'd like to hear other people's opinions or if anyone has changed theirs any info would be appreciated.
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1 - 2 of 2 Posts