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i was out today on my bike and for the first time ever have run the bike down real low in the petrol department.

anyway when i rev it it sounds just the same (no nasty knocking /broken noises)but the revs seem to 'hang' up there for a second.
this is the same when low rev riding, drop revs and pull clutch and the revs stay up/ even increase just momentarily before dropping. if i ride it hard then the revs seem to drop straight down without this issue, no hanging and no increase. (this would appear to be a carb problem?? possibly pulled some sh*t from my low low tank?)

anyway i turned my fuel to reserve and i thought for a second it was cured and so filled up, alas it still does it so i dont think its a fuel starving probling of which i i also had a suspision of.

anyway any advice please?

on another note i was talking to a bloke who reckons i should use semi 10/40 for the service as i dont ride hard enough over a long period of time to warrant fully. he said if i was going to be doing 150+ on a motorway for an hour solid then yep use it, but as its really only accelerating and gear changing which hits red line and thats only a momentary hit then he said its not worth the cost. he runs semi in both his bikes, zx9r and busa and is a fully trained engineer.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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